To know him is to love Him

Christian theology is the most exciting pursuit possible because it’s simply about knowing God better, loving Jesus more, and joining the revolution to bring God’s Word to God’s world.

Who are we?

Theology Network Nottingham exists to equip Theology students to do mission in the context of theology, both at an academic and spiritual level. Studying theology in a secular department can often bring its own unique challenges, doubts and questions, so as a group we meet to encourage, edify and build each other up through the highs and lows of studying theology! Find out more about Theology Network over on the website (along with some quality articles!).

What do we do?

Theology Network meets every Wednesday from 1.30pm-3.00pm during termtime. At the heart of every session is a talk around topics such as apologetics (intellectual defence of the faith) and practical theology (how theology affects how we live). No matter what we’re talking about, every talk aims to help you grow more in love with Jesus through a deeper knowledge of Him, and to do mission in a Biblically grounded, intellectually rigid way.

Meet the Leaders

Becky Roberts
Theology Network Leader
I'm Becky and I'm a Biblical Studies and Theology student. I have a big passion for the purpose and influence of the local church and the individuals that make it up. I love the opportunity that studying theology provides us with a way of questioning and evaluating the way we as Christians think, act and speak about God and faith, particularly when engaging with the unchurched or with unbelievers, and I'm excited that Theology Network gives us a chance to apply that to our lives at university.
Michael Williams
Theology Network Leader
I'm Michael and I'm also a Biblical Studies and Theology student. I am interested in the way that we as theologians can take what we study and apply it, particularly through being good influences in the Church. I love good coffee, especially consumed with friends, watching legal dramas (currently working my way through Suits), and reading when I manage to find the time. Theology Network was vital for me in my formation as a Christian in the department in my first year, and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to be helping my fellow theology students in that way this year.