Our fabulous group of second-year Nine20 leaders are a wonderful bunch. If you’re in first year and have any questions, concerns, or just need someone to chat to over a coffee, they’re here for you. Get to know them below.

Ancaster: Jordan and Becca

Ancaster Hall
University Park
Nottingham, NG7 2RE
Hi there and welcome to Ancaster! Whether you’re excited or nervous get ready for a great year at Notts Uni – we’re sure you’ll love it! Jordan is a 2nd year Chemical engineer with Netflix dependency and a behemoth afro rivalled only by the Jackson 5. Becca is a 2nd year Geographer from Turkey among other places and loves singing, any excuse to be outside and believes life is always better with a cup of tea. We’ll be your nine20 leaders for 2016/17 are so excited to get to know you! We’ll be helping you move in and will be living in Ancaster, so feel free to pop in for a cup of tea/hot chocolate and a chat at any point during the year! Part of nine20 will be weekly Bible studies and events to tell people the good news about Jesus! Whether you’re pumped to get involved in the Christian Union, have loads of questions or just cannot believe that anyone would genuinely believe in God, you’re all welcome.

Broadgate Park & Albion House: Ken, Lisa and Annalise

Broadgate Park
Turnpike Lane
Nottingham, NG9 2RX
Hi! Welcome to Nottingham and congratulations on getting into Broadgate Park/Albion House! We are Ken, Lisa and Annalise (studying Mechanical Engineering, Neuroscience, and Economics with French respectively) and we’ll be heading up Nine20 here for the next year. Nine20 is a small group where we get together weekly to hang out, study the bible and occasionally run fun outreach events in halls. Whether or not you identify as Christian we’d love for you to come along. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested or have any questions, and join our Facebook page - we can’t wait to meet you all in the new year!

Cavendish Hall: Joe and Abi

Cavendish Hall
Beeston Lane
Hi Freshers! Welcome to the best hall by far, and congrats on making it to Nottingham Uni, we’re sure you’ll settle right in. We are Joe and Abi, and we will be your nine20 leaders for the next year. This means we’ll be running weekly bible studies for you guys, and reaching out to the rest of the hall with events and opportunities to ask big questions. We hope to create a chilled out atmosphere and an awesome community where you can establish some great friendships. Abi is a second year medical student who goes to Cornerstone Church. She enjoys all things music related and is the starring (and only) performer of many a full length musical in the shower. Outside of medicine, her hobbies include desperately trying not to fail Medicine, and hanging out with mates (and realising how little she really does with her life when she comes to write bios). Joe is an art history student from the sunny south west, who goes to Grace Church. When he’s not busy writing about pictures, he likes to spend his time going out with the cycling club, chilling out with friends and just generally enjoying uni life. We both understand how nervous/excited you must be about coming to uni, so if you have any questions feel free to message either of us, and be sure to join the Facebook group so we can keep in touch! Look forward to meeting you in September ☺

Cripps: Michael and Deborah

Cripps Hall
Lenton Hall Drive
Nottingham , NG7 2QW
Hello, we are Deborah and Michael, your Nine20 leaders for this year, and we look forward to meeting you in September in Cripps Hall! Deborah is from Northern Ireland and studies Law. Saying where Michael is from isn’t so simple (ask him about it sometime) but he studies Biblical Studies and Theology. We will both be living in Cripps with ya’ll (or as Debs says “Yous’ns”). Join us for weekly Bible studies, outreach events (where we’ll share the good news of Jesus with people in the halls) and the occasional social. Both of us are also available as much as possible to meet up and “have a wee chat.” Whether you are a Christian or wanting to find more about Christianity, you are so welcome! If you are interested drop us a message or search us out at dinner when you get here in September.

Derby: Israel and Franziska

Derby Hall
University Park
Nottingham , NG7 2QT
Hello Freshers! Congrats on getting into the University of Nottingham; but more importantly, the greatest hall of all, Derby. We’re Israel and Franziska, your Nine20 leaders for 2016/17 and will live alongside you throughout your fresher year, always ready to support, encourage and bless you where we can. We’re both second year students who are excited about Jesus and making Him known in our hall. Fran is a medical student who hails from the northern town of Leeds. She is super encouraging, loves to hang out with mates, and is a seasoned veteran at netball. Israel is a theology student who is from the place where dreams come true, Skegness. He smiles a lot, loves music, and enjoys scouting out for the best local coffee shops. Our job is to support you throughout your first year and ensure that you settle in well. We’ll be leading weekly bible studies, organising outreach events, putting on socials, but also just hanging out. Do get involved whether you are a Christian or not as university is the best place to explore and grow in faith! Not only that, we do understand first year can be challenging so feel free to find us if you need any support with anything, whether that be about university, Christian Union, or life in general; we want to be there for you! Please check out our Derby Hall Christian Union Facebook page to stay in the loop about the events we will be putting on; we are super excited to meet you! Much love! Israel & Franziska

Hugh Stewart: Ed and Rachel

Hugh Stewart Hall
University Park
Nottingham , NG7 2QX
Hi! Welcome to Hugh Stu! We are Ed and Rachel, 2nd year students studying Chemical Engineering and, and we will be your nine20 leaders (Christian union reps) next year. We will be living in halls with you, leading a weekly bible study to help encourage you in your own faith and also in reaching your friends with the epic news of Jesus in Hugh Stu and beyond! Whether you’re a Christian or just want to find out more, everyone is welcome. We are SO excited to meet you all and get to know you better over this next year! In the meantime, if you have any questions about uni life, please do get in touch with us and to keep up to date with what will be happening join our Facebook group.

Jubilee: Lindsey and David

Jubilee Campus
Wollaton Road
Nottingham, NG8 1BB
Hey Jubilee Campus! We’re Lindsey and David- your 2nd Year Nine20 Reps! If you’re lucky, you’ll see loads of us in your first year around Jubilee and on University Park. Lindsey studies medicine and David studies nursing- so if you’re ever in need of a first aid kit, you know who to call! If you’re studying either of these (Christian or not), feel free to come find us and ask questions or drop us an email at mzylcp@nottingham.ac.uk (Lindsey) and ntyds6@nottingham.ac.uk (David). Aside from saving lives on a daily basis (actually just sitting in lectures all day) Lindsey spends her time playing hockey, singing and chilling (usually watching Grey’s Anatomy!). David also gets involved in Photography, music and swimming. Being a fresher and starting uni can seem very daunting and quite lonely- but we’ve both been through it, we know all the tricks and tips that will make your first year easier. What will definitely make your first year even more epic, is coming along to our weekly Nine20 sessions (trust us- we’ve been there, done that and got the awesome CU hoodie!) Here you can get involved in bible study, learning about Jesus, having time to pray, plus making some of the best friends, playing games and of course there’ll be food!! Everyone is welcome- whether you’re intrigued and you’d love to find out more about Jesus and Christianity, or if you want to share your love for Christ with likeminded people, join our Facebook page, and if you have any questions or just want to say hi or to meet with a friendly face, (and free hugs), please drop us an email or a Facebook message. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for info and updates, and we look forward to meeting all of you during Freshers Week!!

Lenton and Wortley: Lucy and Tim

Lenton and Wortley Hall
Derby Road
Nottingham, NG7 2RB
Hi guys, well done on getting into Nottingham and being chosen to be in Lenton and Wortley -you are in for such a great year! Being in the centre of campus, slightly smaller than the two massive halls across the grass (smaller dinner queues are a winner trust me!), and with the best bar and JCR on campus you have definitely hit the jackpot when it comes to halls 😀 I am Lucy and I am living in Lenton and Wortley with you guys next year as your nine20 leader. This basically means putting on weekly bible studies as well as games nights, time to chill and help you settle into hall life: we even did a social to a house of trampolines (be prepared to ache the next day)! Whether you are a Christian, or just interested in why on earth a 2nd year would chose to stay in halls and put on events giving out free toasties in the name of sharing the gospel (?!), then it would be great to meet you! I am so excited to finally get to know you all and help you move in and get stuck into uni. I study Natural Sciences (Chemistry and Maths), and am involved with gymnastics and wind band, so if you have any questions about course, nine20, halls or general uni life please do drop me a message I would be happy to chat.

Lincoln: Laurence and Hannah

Lincoln Hall
Beeston Lane
Nottingham, NG7 2QU
Hello Welcome to Lincoln Hall - home of a decent table tennis table, some beautiful roman style pillars, an exquisite library, some edgy vibes, and (we’ve heard it rumoured), the coolest nine20 group. You’ve made it!! We are Laurence and Hannah, your nine20 leaders - two second year students who are going to be living in Lincoln alongside you for the whole year. We are super excited to meet and get to know you, to help you settle into uni life, to encourage you, and get to know God better alongside you. Nine20 is a bit like a small group - we meet together each week, hang out, chat, eat great food, and study the bible together - seeing how God’s Word can impact and change our lives today. Whether you’re a christian or wanting to know a bit more about Jesus, you are so welcome to join us! We also are looking forward to putting on some fun events in the hall throughout the year, like the infamous TextaToastie… keep your eyes peeled! Laurence is a fun-loving, caring, cool dude from Cookham in Berkshire, studying Economics with Chinese. His passion is seeing people come to know Jesus, and for Christians to discover the riches of getting to know Him better! Fun fact - although Laurence now takes on a preppy appearance he once was a sk8r boi. Hannah Street is an incredibly caring and joyful gal studying Psychology. She is from Rugby but interestingly, doesn’t play the sport… She is committed to living her life for Jesus and loving others: which is truly excellent! She spent time in Uganda and Mexico for two years before starting uni! Fun Fact - Hannah was born in a bath. she hasn't been in one since. “I believe the Bible is the best gift God has ever given to man. All the good from the Saviour of the World is communicated to us through this book.” — Abraham Lincoln #WeLoveLincoln

Nightingale Hall: Toby and Fiona

Nightingale Hall
University of Nottingham
Hi! We’re Toby (2nd year Theology) and Fiona (2nd year Medicine), and we’re your nine20 leaders (or CU reps) for the next year. We’ll be living in Nightingale Hall next year with you primarily to be your mates, but also to lead a bible study chill sesh every week and to help us as a group organise events for the hall where people can find out about Jesus and why he’s so important. We’re buzzing for the year ahead; for being an accountable community which encourages each other every week from the bible and has loads of fun together, but also for being excited and united in telling our hall about Jesus. Whether you’re excited, nervous or not got time to think about uni yet, we cannot wait to get to know you guys. Bring on 2016/17 Nightingale!

Raleigh Park: Patryk, Susanna and Katie

Raleigh Park
Madison Court
Nottingham, NG7 2EG
Hey freshers! Our names are Susanna, Patryk and Katie and we are leading Raleigh’s Nine20 group this year. Our Nine20 is a CU small group that does Bible study, outreach events and lots of other fun stuff in your halls. We also eat lots of food (seriously a lot)! Who we are: Susanna is a friendly and approachable Londoner, and a second year studying mechanical engineering. She spends time in the library with a coffee and a good book whenever her course lets up. Patryk is also a second year engineer, studying electrical engineering. He’s a sports freak, enjoying football, running and a manner of different sports in his spare time. Katie is an open and friendly second year studying midwifery, and is way too comfortable saying words like ‘cervix’. She loves to hang out with pals, sing out of tune and spends a lot of time doodling. We’re really excited to meet you! We hope Nine20 this year will be a place where we discover together what it means to follow Jesus at uni, but also we hope it can be a fun environment for you to bring your flatmates and friends so we can hang out together. We’ll be out and about during freshers so feel free to chat to us; you can also talk to us via our facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/224403951254483/ Lots of love, Susanna, Patryk and Katie

Rutland: Josh and Emily

Rutland Hall
University of Nottingham
Nottingham, NG7 2QZ
Hey guys! Josh and Em here – we are soooo excited that you chose Nottingham and that Rutland Hall is going to be your home for the coming year! We are your Nine20 Leaders: here to run weekly Bible studies and outreach events in Rutland. We also hope to be a friendly face on campus so if you’re feeling a bit lost, or you’re too excitable you don’t know what to do next, or even you just fancy a cup of tea, come and talk to us! Both of us are second years and have been living on campus for a year already! Josh studies Maths, and Em studies Medicine. Josh enjoys reading, sports and playing guitar in his free time, whilst Em gets stuck into all things sporty (that is, when she isn’t found drinking tea), but we are both partial to a good board game. If you have any burning questions relating to Nine20, the CU, our courses, university life or anything in between, feel free to join the Rutland Hall Nine20 Facebook page and contact/add us. You’re going to have a smashing year! We are really looking forward to meeting you in September!

St. Peter's Court: Kat, Callum and Hannah

St Peter's Court
Midland Way
Nottingham, NG7 3EU
Hey! We are Kat, Callum and Hannah and we’ll be your nine20 reps in SPC this year. Settling into uni life can be hard but we’ll be around to help you settle into a church and just generally be some friendly faces around halls – we’ll also be hosting a weekly bible study/get together and running events around SPC to bring the good news of the gospel to the students that live here! So if you’re a Christian or are interested in finding out more about god (or just want to make some new friends!) then come along! Kat is Russian and originally from (Latvia) and is studying Computer Science; Hannah is from Southampton and is studying Adult Nursing and Callum is (also) from Southampton and is studying music! We can’t wait to meet you!

Willoughby: David and Jess

Willoughby Hall
University Park
Hey Willoughby! We are David and Jess and we'll be your Nine20 leaders next year. Neither of us have lived in Willoughby before so we're excited to get to know it with you. David is a second year maths student and enjoys watching TV and playing games, meaning as a group it will be a constant challenge to beat him! Jess is a second year English student who plays the flute, likes to think that she can do ballet and is marginally obsessed with her dog. Our main aim as a group is to be there to support you through one of the biggest yet most exciting years of your life, no matter where you stand with regards to Christianity. Don't hesitate to get in touch on Facebook to ask us any questions or just say hi, we can't wait to meet you all!