The exec team exists to facilitate the mission and outreach that we engage in as a Christian Union. They’d love to hear from you – so feel free to get in touch with any one of them!

For general inquiries please contact

Toby Browne
Hi! I’m Toby, and I'm the president of the CU. I study Theology and attend Grace Church. I probably read as much Tolkien as I do theology, and definitely drink more coffee than I do water!
Hannah Brown
I’m Hannah, a final year English student and I go to Trinity Church Nottingham. You’ll usually find me with a good book and a cup of tea, or spot me on campus in my bright yellow coat! I’m so excited to be part of CU this year, and to be surprised by God all over again.
Josh McHaffie
Hi, I'm Josh, the treasurer of the CU. I'm in my third and final year studying Maths. I go to St Nic's church which I love! I'm also really into board games, reading and playing sport. I'm really excited for the year ahead, particularly to see students come to know Christ and grow in faith and love.
Michael Walker
Hi! My name’s Mike and I’m the CU’s Secretary. I’m a third-year Biblical Studies and Theology student who hearkens from the sunny seaside town of Plymouth, which makes me about as southern as you can get. Between doing the above, I love drinking coffee, chilling with friends, writing and drawing.
Israel Bucko
Small Groups Coordinator
Hey! I’m Israel, one of the Small Groups Coordinators, in my third year of studying Biblical Studies and Theology! I love music of many varieties, I play guitar, I enjoy going out taking photos, massive Fifa seshes, going to church, worshipping through music, encouraging others and going out for coffee with mates.
Rebecca Mangles
Small Groups Coordinator
Hi I’m Becca, and I'm one of the Small Groups Coordinator. I’m a third year Geographer from Istanbul and Sheffield among other places. In my free time you'll find me with a cup of tea doing some colouring in (painting is great too).
Meg Buckingham
Evangelism Secretary
Hey, I’m Meg, NUCU’s Evangelism Coordinator. I'm heading into my final year of my colouring degree (a.k.a. Geography) and I’m part of Grace Church. I dabble in all things creative, caffeinated and cake-orientated.
Callum Plews
Prayer Secretary
Hi, my name's Callum, and I'm the prayer secretary of the CU which means its my job to encourage the whole CU to pray. I'm in my third year studying music and love to play my bassoon. I am part of Grace Church and love strange music, books, colourful socks, coffee and the mighty Southampton FC.
Fiona Kenyon
International Secretary
Hi, I'm Fiona and I'm the International Secretary this year. I'm in my final year studying Philosophy and am part of the Ryland's Community Church in Beeston. I'm from Guildford but love getting to know people from all over the world. In the little spare time I have, I like swimming, period dramas and drinking lots of tea!