The exec team exists to facilitate the mission and outreach that we engage in as a Christian Union. They’d love to hear from you – so feel free to get in touch with any one of them!

For general inquiries please contact

Ben Hampson
Hey, I'm Ben, the president of the CU. I’m in my final year of studying Theology and I attend Grace Church. A good way to befriend me is to come up to me whilst holding out a cup of coffee. I talk too much about my gap year, think too much about Formula 1, and I'm very much a wuss when it comes to rollercoasters. On the weekends I like to go cycling, except for that one time that I hit a badger and went over my handlebars.
Mary Smalley
Hello! I’m Mary Smalley, a third-year English student here at Nottingham, and I attend Cornerstone. I’m English too, technically making me an English English student, but I try not to make that joke too much. I’m the Vice-President this year, which means I work with Ben in helping the Exec to carry out the vision of CU. I’m looking forward to meeting new faces and seeing what God has planned for us this year!
Laura Turnbull
I'm Laura, your Treasurer of NUCU for this year. I'm going into my third and final year of studying Maths here at Nottingham, and I go to Trent Vineyard Church. In my spare time I love to paint, play music, drink coffee or take a stroll around the lake!
Hannah Dixon
Hello, I’m Hannah and I’m the Secretary of the CU. I am about to go into my third year studying Biblical Studies and Theology, and I go to Emmanuel Bramcote Church. I’m from Middlesbrough which means I have to face daily ridicule because of my northern accent. My favourite place to be is anywhere next to the sea and I love to travel and explore new places!
Josh Gardiner
Small Groups Coordinator
Hello! I'm Josh, a third year student studying Physics here at Nottingham. My role is male Small Groups Coordinator, so I help coordinate the Nine20 groups with a bit of Martha and a lot of God! When I'm not doing any of the above, I love running, reading and meeting up with friends.
Martha Leyshon-Jones
Small Groups Coordinator
Hey! I’m Martha, one of the Nine20 (small group) co-ordinators; I am going into my third year of studying History, and am largely enjoying it! I was born in Sussex and now live in Derby with my parents, grandparents and brother – so usually a rather busy household! Some of my favourite things include time spent with family and friends, laughter, chocolate and cooking. University has been a great experience for me – meeting new people, making new friends and obviously studying – and the Christian Union has certainly played a big part in these experiences!
Josh Matthews
Evangelism Secretary
Hey! I'm Josh Matthews, NUCU's Evangelism Coordinator. I'm studying medicine which means I have give-or-take the rest of my life left studying at uni. I like long walks and fresh flowers. But apart from that I'm a big fan of music and sports (still confused as to why Roy brought Rashford on so late). I go to Beeston Free Church and I'm really excited to see how God's going to use NUCU this year.
Jemima Howell
Prayer Secretary
Hi! I'm Jemima, the current Nottingham CU prayer secretary, and when I'm in Nottingham I attend Beeston Free Church. I'm from sunny south Wales (weyyy) and am in my final year studying Psychology. And no, sadly, that doesn't mean that I can read your mind. I have the very niche hobby of creating semi-photo realistic drawings of faces, and my favourite thing is cereal.
Warwick Dobson
International Secretary
I'm Warwick Dobson, NUCU's International Secretary. I'm in my final year studying Computer Science. Some of my interests are (but not limited to): long walks on the beach at sunrise and sleeping until lunchtime.