Living for Jesus in your halls

Our hall groups meet in every hall on campus and are designed to help you live for Jesus and grow in faith in your first year.

In these groups we study the bible together to grow in our understanding of who Jesus is and what it means to follow him, and we have fun as we get to know and support each other. But we don’t stop there; we individually get stuck in to university life and encourage each other as we look for opportunities to introduce others to Jesus, both on our own and as a group.

Hall groups are led by second-year students who are all passionate about Jesus and their halls. If you’re a Christian coming to university feeling excited or nervous about living for Jesus and sharing your faith at uni, then this is for you. Equally, if you’re not a Christian but are interested in finding out more about Jesus and Christianity, hall groups will provide a way for you to do that in a chilled, welcoming environment!


Catered Halls


Self-Catered Halls


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